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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Making Wasted Time Productive

I have read many posts and heard people talk about how much crochet they get done while waiting in doctor's offices, etc., so I decided to do an experiment.  Trying to work time in to crochet for me never seems to happen.  I printed up a sock pattern I liked, threw it in a zip lock bag with a skein of Paton's Stretch Socks with the appropriate crochet hook, and put the bag in my purse. 

It has taken just over 2 months, but the first sock is complete.  I worked on it at:

-the parent pick up line
-the doctor's office (both before being brought to the exam room and in the exam room)
-the physical therapy waiting room
-the drive-thru
-construction zones where traffic was stopped
-the movie theater waiting for the lights to go down and the movie to start
-the parking lot when someone else had to run into a store to pick up "just a few things".
 (Note:  I once met a woman who was crocheting in the checkout line from a wrist bag - what a great idea!)
-the chairs outside the fitting room at clothes stores
-the mall sitting areas
-the passenger seat of the car
-the picnic table at the park
-the car mechanic's waiting area

Two months for one sock certainly is not breakneck speed; however, considering it was made during time dedicated toward something else, I find it somewhat amazing.  I'd be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "what a great idea" when they saw me crocheting while waiting.

My little experiment just goes to show that even the busiest schedule can fit time to crochet.  Now to get started on that second sock.....

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