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Friday, June 3, 2011

Crochet and Cross Stitch

For the first time in a long time, I'm working on a project that combines crochet and cross stitch.  The look it provides is positively beautiful!  Yet it definitely has its own challenges.

For example, when I learned to cross stitch, I always used a hoop to stretch the fabric so the stitches were more visible.  I found it impossible to put a hoop over a worsted weight afghan - it was simply too thick!  That's OK, though, as the stitches are plainly visible.

I do have to wrestle with the afghan in order to get a clean stitch.  When using cross stitch fabric, if your needle catches a little bit of it while making a stitch, you might put a bit of fuzz or a thread or two out.  Catching the yarn of the afghan while stitching seems to pull the whole thing out of whack, and that bit of fuzz becomes MUCH more noticeable.

If you look at a crocheted piece closely, adjoining rows do not appear to EXACTLY line up.  This creates a challenge in regards to counting.  My solution is to always use the same row to count from.  Sometimes it doesn't look right when I'm doing it, but it's perfect when I hold it at arms length.

There are times that the floss rolls over itself and creates a knot on the back.  When cross stitching crochet, it is imperative that the back stays knot free.  The back side of an afghan cannot be covered up with a frame.

Cross stitch over crochet is a wonderful technique to embellish and accent a true piece of needlework.  Take the time required to keep it clean and neat, and you may surprise yourself at the beauty of the thing you've created.

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