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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crochet Guild of America

I have decided to use this blog not only for tips and tricks, but to chronicle my journey into the world of professional crochet.  That being said, yesterday I once again joined the Crochet Guild of America. 

The first time I joined was long ago.  They were hosting the first CGOA conference in Manchester, NH and a friend and I wanted to check it out.  You needed to be a member to get in, but they were giving away goody bags if you joined, so we decided why not?  We spent a few hours strolling the vendor area, watching the speed competitions, and peeking in on the classes in progress.  It was all very interesting, but the classes were out of my budget range.  When I went home, I read many rave reviews about the conference, the classes, and the fashion show on my favorite discussion board, Crochet Partners.

Fast forward to 2011.  If you check out their website crochet.org you will see that the CGOA has blossomed into a true guild.  A one year membership costs $35, slightly more than a crochet pattern book, and I believe it is worth the investment.  After applying for membership online I printed up the contract crochet form and mailed it in.  I received an email this morning from them with a welcome letter and printable ID card.  I plan on filling out the application for Crochet Associate Professional and sending that in either today or tomorrow.  Perhaps I will request a mentor as well.

I lost touch with Crochet Partners when my day job changed from desk to field.  I understand that Ravelry.com is all the rage now for online discussion, but I personally find it to be a bit overwhelming.

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