"The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away." David Viscott

Friday, July 1, 2011


Life has thrown some unexpected curve balls my way this week, and as a result, my production fell far short of my goals.  Therefore, today is all about focus.

Like focusing a camera to get the image clear, focusing your mind on a single project works the same way.  You put on imaginary blinders to whatever else is going on around you.  All that exists is the project, and the goal is to complete it.  Look at it clearly and realistically from every possible angle.

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times.  That can feel like stumbling around in the dark, or being a fish out of water.  It's not comfortable, and you don't feel like you are in control.  When this happens to you, stop whatever you are doing.  Take a deep breath and exhale it slowly.  Write down everything that has to be done that is overwhelming you.  Prioritize - does anything have to be done right this second?  If the answer is no you can relax because it is now all written down on a to-do list.  If the answer is yes, take care of the emergency, then continue on with your day.

Think about it.  Many times "emergencies" aren't your problem at all, but rather someone close to you who is venting frustration.  Sometimes a simple suggestion (did you leave your car keys on the kitchen table?) is all it takes to defuse the situation. 

If it is your own to-do list that is overwhelming you, take a moment to focus on that.  Does everything on your list need to be done? Really?  Give yourself a reality check - there's only so many hours in day.  Can anyone else do something on that list for you? 

Take the time to regain control.  You can then tackle that to-do list or overdue project with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

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