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Monday, July 25, 2011

Crochet At The Fair

Going to the county fair each summer has become a tradition.  The kids go off to the rides, while I stroll through the arts and crafts and animal barns.  I already knew from previous fairs that there were some extremely talented thread crocheters in the area.  What I saw yesterday was truly impressive.

The first piece to catch my eye was a framed (yes, behind glass!) 24" pineapple doily.  The stitches really popped from the black matte background.  It was definitely a work of art!  I like the idea of framing - I think it would make a wonderful gift.

The most memorable piece for me was a child's granny square afghan.  What's so special about that?  It was all done in thread!  Each 4" square was done in 3 different colors.  As it was on display, I couldn't get close enough to it to count the number of rows, but I did comment to my husband "now THAT was a winter project!"  What a wonderful idea, to cover a toddler in the summer heat with a light cotton afghan!  I can only imagine how many hours that took to create.

Remember that water bottle sling I wrote about last week?  I spied someone wearing one, quite similar to the ones I used to sell, walking through the fair.  I know I didn't make it, though, as I could clearly see it was made of acrylic as I walked past.  Whoever did make it had put little accents, like a row of double crochet around the middle and a couple of curly-cues at the top.  It was actually quite cute!

There was one vendor there who's table was half crocheted baby sweaters and baby afghans and half jewelry.  I felt somewhat sad for them, as the summer heat was not the environment for selling these items and there never seemed to be anyone visiting their table.  As it was a county fair and not a craft fair, people were there primarily to have fun, not purchase gifts. 

As usual, I return home from the fair with a head full of ideas for my own crochet projects.  Time to write them all down in my idea notebook!

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