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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doesn't Everybody?

Although I have never come across a true definition of 'crochet fanatic', I'm guessing I must be one.  Every July 4th, our family has gotten into the habit of going to a local state park after the parade, having a cookout, and watching the fireworks over the lake.  For fear of getting it dirty, the afghan I've been working on was left at home.  Instead, I brought a skein of bamboo to play with a couple of design ideas I had.  Small, portable, easy to work with, bamboo yarn doesn't cause you to sweat on a hot day.

After the cookout was over and everything packed up except the chairs, out comes my crochet hook.  There were a couple of hours to kill before the fireworks, so I thought it would be a great time to crochet.  It never occurred to me that such behavior was odd.  One woman came over to see what I was working on, and commented on how sometimes it just felt good to knit or crochet, but no one did it every day.  Huh?

Some sort of crochet project goes with me wherever I go.  Sometimes it is something that simply has to get done and I need every spare second to complete it.  Sometimes, like yesterday, I just play with ideas that I have had to see if they will work.  Sometimes I just practice stitches I feel I haven't yet mastered.  On some level, part of my brain is thinking about crochet just about every moment of every day.

My old boss used to shake his head when he would walk in to see me with a crochet hook in hand during breaks.  The traffic control guys laugh when they see that I've finished an afghan or sweater while waiting for them.  The receptionist at the doctor's office always asks what I'm working on, and sometimes where I found the pattern. 

Crochet every day?  You bet I do!

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