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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crochet In Times Of Crisis

Some days life just seems to throw everything at you at once.  These can be some of the most productive crochet days of all!

Crochet entails a lot of repetition and counting.  This can equate to meditation if you focus on it by distracting your mind from your troubles.  Crochet will be especially effective as a tranquilizer if the project you are working on has a repetitive stitch pattern that you can do easily.

Even though I had read about people using both knit and crochet to lower their blood pressure, I had never really thought about it.  When my brother had to go to court, I brought a newly started afghan with me and finished over half of it that day!  Apparently the nervous energy I was feeling prompted faster stitching.

Sometimes you don't have time to grab a large project to go.  Therefore it is a good idea to make your travel project (the one that's always in your bag or in the car) a fairly simple one.  My travel project for the past few months has been socks, simply because with the exception of the toe and gusset/heel, it requires little scrutiny.  Round after round is stitched without change for the foot and leg and sometimes even the cuff.

In almost any situation that produces nervous energy - the hospital (emergency room or surgery), the sports arena (awaiting competition results), the car on the side of the road (waiting for severe weather to pass), the airport (when your flight is delayed indefinitely), or any other situation over which you have little to no control - you can amaze yourself with the amount of crochet you can create.  Stitching is much more productive and soothing than pacing.

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