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Friday, July 8, 2011

Connecting With A Mentor

This week I have had a few discussions with my new mentor from the CGOA.  I think it's fabulous that I was assigned someone who is so different from me - there's so much I can learn!

I wasn't really sure when I signed up exactly what it would be like having a mentor in the field of crochet design, especially considering to qualify for one you need to know so much already.  As with anything, however, there is always more to learn! 

We have discussed goals, swatching, and submissions.  She suggested I visit several web sites I hadn't heard of before to learn more information.  I learned more about proposals and what editors are looking for.  We discussed size charts, fit, and drape of garments and matching them to the customer base of each publication.  She even told me what to expect for compensation!

We made a loose plan of action.  It's important for a new designer to get their name out there on line and in publications.  We discussed how to self-publish and the importance of great pictures.  Now it's up to me to use this information, learn, and act upon it. 

I am so happy that I decided to request a mentor!  Even though it took a couple of weeks, it was well worth the wait!

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