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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Family Rule

In our family we have a rule:  no one can buy anything for themselves within 30 days of a holiday, birthday, or special event.  As it's December 8th, my husband raised an eyebrow when I told him I had to go to the yarn shop.  I had determined I wanted to make something special for someone on my list, but needed a specific yarn to do it. I also needed yarn needles to do finish work, as mine have mysteriously disappeared.

That being said, I swung by a local yarn store.  I thought for sure they would have Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox!  They have a huge sock yarn section, and I know for a fact they carry Classic Elite yarn.  The owner wasn't there, and the girl that was tried ever so hard to find it for me.  I ended up leaving my name and phone number to see if it could be ordered as I had been there for a half an hour and my husband was waiting out in the car.

He actually came in the store at one point and found a button that will be my future avatar!  He purchased the button and the yarn needles and went out to the car to wait.  The girl watching the store told me at the checkout that I had "a lot of restraint" for not purchasing any of the other luxurious yarns that were there.  I quickly told her about the family rule and left.

On the way home, my husband demanded an explanation - how was it that I could buy yarn and not break the family rule?  I told him I needed that yarn in order to make a gift.  He grumbled, "It sounds like a loop hole to me!"  He really didn't have anything to grumble about - after all, I didn't bring home a substitute yarn!

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