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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crochet with Silk

I have finally figured out a way to remember which silk I like to crochet with.  Mulberry silk is the soft, shiny, beautiful stuff that is wonderful, although a bit slippery, to work with.  By mentally associating the other kind, tussah, with the word 'tough' (which it isn't, but it works in my mind) I remember that is not the one I want.

Tussah silk is soft and pretty, but does not have that sheen associated with silk items.  Although it drapes well, it looks rather dull.  Mulberry, on the other hand, is the stuff that wedding dresses are made of.  Which is exactly why I'm researching silk again.


I have been asked to crochet a wedding dress, and I want to use Mulberry silk.  Expensive, yes, but worth it.  The problem I have been running into is that most of the Mulberry I have found online is either mixed with something else or not white.  I was corresponding with a person on Etsy who sells Mulberry, and even though she is willing to dye it, she will not bleach it to make white.  I have to wonder if it somehow hurts the fiber.  More research is required.

Meanwhile, I plan to ask the bride-to-be if the natural off white/ ecru coloring of Mulberry silk is OK to use.  The work on this dress will be starting in earnest after Christmas for the August wedding.

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