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Monday, December 26, 2011

Better Late Than Never

When my sister-in-law was planning a celebration for her parents 50th wedding anniversary, I started planning an afghan.  I wanted it to be big enough to cover their bed, which is a huge double full size.  Little did I know it would take almost 2 years to complete.

My father-in-law is blamed with spoiling the celebration party that was planned, as he opted to take his wife on vacation during the same week.  All plans for the party were called off, and the anniversary date slipped quietly by.  They did not want a big party.

I therefore took my time with the afghan to make sure every detail was perfect.  I gave it to them as a Christmas present, 2 years late, and yes, it did fit the bed!  The hardest part was convincing my mother-in-law not to put it away to "keep it nice!"

It's made entirely of Red Heart Super Saver, so it is in fact machine washable.  I prefer to make afghans out of acrylic for that simple fact - hand washing an afghan is torturous!

I made it in 13 separate portable pieces, then joined it with sc under both loops of both pieces to add to the texture.  I still have the graphs and design, as I figured someday I can make it an e-book for a totally customizable wedding/anniversary gift.

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