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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sometimes the Strangest Things Happen

After the fire at our house caused by a window fan, everything ended up "in a box somewhere."  This included all of the projects I had been working on for Christmas gifts.  It didn't matter that the fire had been contained to one room; the entire house had to be packed up so it could be "binned" to get rid of any residual smell.

All of those Christmas projects for last year were finally found this past weekend!  Thankfully, they were all together and in perfect condition.  I now have a little bit of a head start on the holiday season, as most of the projects had been started.  All of them are in various stages of completion.

What astounded me is one project in particular, a pair of slipper boots.  The first boot was complete, the second only needed a couple of dozen rows on the cuff.  For whatever reason, the instructions were not in with the project.  Yet it only took a couple of minutes before I was completing them.  The human brain is amazing in its capacity to remember the smallest of details!  The stitch pattern wasn't difficult, but it wasn't one of the more common ones used either. 

This reinforced my belief that even year old unfinished items can be completed without instructions.  Take just a few moments to study what has already been worked, measure your hook (if it's not with the project) to the last few stitches, and see where it leads to.  You just might finish that project after all!  I know I did!

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