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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Much Yarn, So Little Time

As I was going through my stash yesterday trying to match yarn to intended projects, it once again amazed me exactly how much yarn I have.  I know the next few months will put a dent into it, with birthdays and Christmas, but even so, I'll still have yarn left over for future projects. 

This leads me to think of yarn shops.  Ever watch people in one of those?  They scan the colors and read the labels, but mostly they simply feel the yarn.  Yarn is a tremendous form of comfort for those who knit or crochet.  Not only comfort by touch, but simply being surrounded by so much beautiful yarn, so many vibrant colors, touches a crocheter to the very core of their being. 

If I was having a bad day at work, a trip to the local yarn store was in order.  I've answered "are you looking for anything in particular?" with "a little sanity in an insane world!", which usually garners the response of a knowing nod.  Hundreds of skeins neatly ordered in bins or on shelves insulate one from chaos. 

Perhaps this feeling of safety and security is why every avid crocheter and knitter I've ever met has more yarn than they will ever use.  A sensory security blanket, having a stash of yarn simply makes us feel good.

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