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Monday, August 15, 2011

Halfway Through August - Time For Wool!

It may only be August 15th on the calendar, but the feeling of the air has changed.  It's mother nature's way of reminding us that winter is coming.  Therefore, my weekend was spent pulling the wool out of my stash.

I know that there will still be plenty of hot days to come, but now is the time to start on those winter projects.  I've started a cape requested by one daughter and a coat for the other.  Thankfully I have enough wool in my stash to complete them both without having to purchase more yarn.

Living in the north country where winter can last 6+ months, I try each year to have a season's worth of hats, mittens, gloves, fingerless gloves with mitten tops, and scarves completed by the end of September.  I put them all in a basket in the mud room next to where the coats are hung so everyone can be prepared to face the elements.  Right now that basket looks a bit forlorn with only a couple of mismatched mittens in it. 

Making winter items for my family has saved hundreds of dollars over the years.  I use wools from local farms that cost a whole lot less than name brand from somewhere in South America.  I use local alpaca yarn rather than alpaca from Peru.  Both are warm and naturally waterproof!  Summer farmer's markets are the perfect place to find local wools.

Completing this annual commitment doesn't necessarily interfere with crochet designing.  Most of my designs are tested on family members anyway!  The gloves and fingerless gloves with mitten top are my own designs, created during this yearly ritual.  It's always fun to create a new hat, and it usually doesn't take more than a few hours. 

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