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Friday, May 20, 2011

What's Next? Check Your Crochet Calendar!

Organization does not come easily, but over the years I have put together a way of managing my crochet projects.  It has become an invaluable tool for me, and it can for you too!

Materials Required:
  • 3 ring binder
  • lined filler paper
  • binder ready report covers or pocket folders
  • pencil
Now you're ready to get your projects organized!
  1. Put the filler paper in front and the report covers or pocket folders in the back of your binder.
  2. Consult a calendar and write in all important dates in chronological order.
  3. Leave space (at least 2 lines) between entries.
  4. As you come across a pattern that is just perfect for someone on your list, write in the name of the publication (magazine, book, etc.), name of the design, page number, and materials required.  This way you can find your material list for your next project right away, without referencing the pattern.
  5. Fill the report covers or pocket folders with copies of the pattern, or the print of a pattern found online.  This will become your working pattern that you can make notes on and check off rows as they are completed.  
  6. Keep your binder in a book bag with the books and magazines that contain the patterns to be used.
  7. Use the filler pages behind your calendar to list the things you would really like to make.  You can have a page for every person (including yourself) that you make things for and/or category pages for home decor, teacher gifts, etc.
Your crochet calendar will always be a work in progress as you keep coming across patterns and completing projects.  An entry should look something like this:

     May 8, Mother's Day:  mom,  Equestrian Sweater, Crochet Today! Jan/Feb 2011 p.35
                 RH Mystic, 154 yd/ball x 9 balls, (3) 1" buttons

You may want to do the math before you go shopping if you think you might end up using a different yarn (remember those extra lines you left in-between entries?)

     154 yd/ball x 9 balls = 1,386 yards

Some patterns do not give the yd/ball on the material list; in this case, look the product up online to find the yardage.  If math is not your thing, you can take your best guess and add one skein.  Most yarn stores will allow you to return unused skeins.

When you plan on going shopping for yarn, simply take out your calendar page so you will know at a glance exactly how much you need of what kind.  I took mine to my local fiber festival and came home with about 90% of my project materials ready to use!

Your crochet calendar also allows you the option of recording your project start and completion dates.  This will give you a good idea how long to allow for certain projects assisting your time management.

What are you waiting for?  Go get organized!

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