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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Heat Is On

When the pressure is on - that's when you can really surprise even yourself.  The last half of April was harsh.  All of the semester-long projects were due for school, finals coming up fast....and of course, submission deadlines for 4 crochet magazines, and, why not, let's throw in a contract crochet audition.

Now that April is over and done with, I can look back and say "wow - I did all that?"  One look at my desk (which always seems to suffer the most) brings in a reality check.

Somehow I managed to get at least one submission into each of the mags.  Somehow I managed to get all school assignments done and in on time.  As far as the audition goes, my gauge was too different for the designer - it happens.

There is a short respite between spring and summer classes, which to me is the calm before the storm.  It will give me a chance to clean off my desk, and maybe organize a bit.  The calendar says I can do it all over again in July, only this time we can add it country fairs to the list!

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