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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Spring! Time To Think About Christmas?

There are all kinds of submission deadlines coming up - for Christmas and winter 2012/2013!

It is totally normal for publishers to work months in advance.  If you think about all that goes into a publication, it makes sense.  For those of us submitting, however, it takes a little bit of a mind twist.

credit: Anusom P nachol

Crochet!, Crochet World, and Interweave Crochet all have submission deadlines in April for next winter.  At a time of year when most people are sick of winter, even a mild one, and are looking forward to spring, it can be tough to look at a ball of wool and see the next great project.

The trick to dealing with the time delay is, well, not to worry about it.  If you are thinking Spring, design for Spring.  The publishers will be looking for submissions for their Spring 2013 editions in a few months and you will already have several ideas down!

By sketching your ideas when they are fresh in your mind, they are completely unique to you.  If they fit with the editorial calendar of a certain publication, wonderful!  If not, drop it in your portfolio.  The important part is to get those ideas down on paper, or typed/scanned into a computer.

This concept did not really sink in with me until this year.  I saw the "inspiration" on an editorial calendar and gasped - it was almost identical to a sketch/swatch I had made one summer almost 2 years ago!  Now I have to dig it out (moving is SUCH a good way of misplacing things!) and submit it and I'm done!  No stress.

Although I have to admit I get strange looks from people when they see I'm currently crocheting a Christmas stocking.....
Credit: digitalart

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