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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Teaching Styles

In the past few weeks, I have come across a variety of teaching styles in my online classes.  It is interesting how these styles are also used in teaching crochet.  Consider:

The Discovery Method

This is by far the most difficult.  The student learns by "discovering" what they need to know.  I have seen many people who want to learn crochet, and unable to afford a class, they try to teach themselves.  This can be accomplished with books, tutorials, and videos, but it takes a whole lot of perseverance.

The Everything You Need To Know And Then Some Method

Enthusiastic instructors give detailed instructions and assignments and check in on your progress several times each week.  Personally I find this approach rather annoying, but some people like the virtual hand-holding.  Constant encouragement is provided so the student does not get frustrated and quit.

credit: Boaz Yiftach

The Weekly Assignment Method

The class is once per week, at which an assignment is given due the following week.  There is no contact with the instructor outside of class unless it is initiated by the student.  This method requires the student to be motivated enough to keep up.

The "Here's The Information" Method

A blend of the first 3 methods, the instructor gives a lesson and an assignment due for the next class.  Any questions are the responsibility of the student, but the instructor is always available for motivation and assistance.  The instructor may check in with the student between classes to make sure they have resolved a problem they were having.

It makes sense that with so many different individual learning styles that teaching styles would be varied.  There is a distinct difference in the amount of time the instructor is required to invest in each style.  I would be interested in hearing from crochet instructors on how they manage their classes.

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