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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Purple Project

My oldest adores the color purple. Therefore it should be no surprise that when I stock up at a yarn sale, I always make sure I have plenty of purple. My stash is now getting pretty low due to the Purple Project.

You see, my daughter asked me to make her the cape featured on the cover of the Interweave Crochet Winter 2010 edition. No problem! I thought, which, from a purely technical standpoint, it wasn't. The question is, will I finish it in time?

Now that the weather has turned from the nice warm days of summer to the raw windy days of fall, she wants the cape to wear. I remember when her sister was about 2 and I was working on a rainbow afghan. Every couple of minutes, every afternoon as she was running around the living room playing, she would come over to me and ask "done yet?" I'd say no, and she would continue playing. Just as I completed the final stitch, she came over again with her "done yet?", I said "yes". With a huge smile on her face, she bear hugged the afghan, said "mine!!" and ran away with it!

Once again, I'm hearing "are you done yet?" from the more articulate older sister. It's funny how history repeats itself!

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